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Best of NeoCon 2016


Warmth, movement, simplicity, community—welcome to the progressive
office of today. The open concept is no longer a trend but a mainstay,

and as the cloud and cordless technologies free us from desks, designers

are shifting to support the new social spaces. For the latest, we look to

the NeoCon trade show. Each June, some 50,000 designers descend

on Chicago for this event to take in the latest commercial design and

business trends. In 2016, the cubicle is out and customization is in.

Designed to promote movement and healthy body motion, Müm (pronounced moom), is a collection of perch seating...
Say goodbye to sound panels of the past.
Available in any size, shape or surface, the new Bassline Tables from Turnstone took home the Innovation Award at this...
Working in conjunction with the Art Center College of Design, Bernhardt Design has sponsored a design studio for more...
Inspired by landscape architecture, Mohawk’s new collection, Topography, creates unique floorscapes, which harmonize...
Konstantin Grcic has taken the workstation and stripped it down to the basics.
Swiss architect and designer Daniel Korb developed the Eleven series around a fundamental concept: Furniture is...
It’s digitally inspired and digitally printed—meet Pixel by Designtex.
As offices become more open, furniture has become more reclusive.
Sit, swivel, stand—the BuzziBalance is designed to shake things up. Fight the mid-afternoon slump by standing on the...
While Michael Young’s LessThanFive chair from Coalesse isn’t new, its new feature is one to write home about.
Teknion Zones took both Gold and Best of Competition at NeoCon 2016, and it’s no surprise why.