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Office Space


We sifted through some past issues to find images of what some may argue to be the hardest working room in the house.

Sarti’s upstairs office provides a cozy corner for work and relaxation.
With Gregory and Caryn both working from home, it was crucial that their office (a communal space located off the...
Langston-Jones works tucked in his office beneath the stairs.
Dawn Farmer sits at her desk made of multi-ply apple core with rift-oak veneer, manufactured by Pietrarte.
The office cubby, outfitted with a diminutive window (as per Koshkarian’s request), is furnished with Atlas shelving.
Unlike the ornate exterior, there wasn’t much interior detail left to reuse—but the Berniers did their best.
A row of windows casts light into the office, where Bellemo keeps a model of the house.
The open office and bedroom reside on either side of the second story catwalk.
What was once a bathroom now serves as a walk-in closet and Nelson’s office. The closets are from IKEA.
The office space is situated above the loft and is illuminated by Jielde steel lamps from France, which Dolce collects.