Collection by Maggie Nolin

Nike Flyknit: Innovating Design


In the wake of the London Olympics, Nike teamed up with global curator Neville Wakefield and six other designers to dream up a structure that celebrates its latest product release, the Flyknit running shoe. Taking inspiration from the new product’s themes—it's lightweight, formfitting, sustainability-minded, and performance-oriented—these design leaders, who hail from engineering, education, art, and architectural backgrounds, dreamed up fantastical installations. Each designer was assigned a city to host the installation and they worked closely with the people in their respective locales, leading conversations and workshops to ensure that the sturcture would be successful. All of the designs boast a unique sensory experience, pushing the bounds of shape, color, size, and safety, and prove to be as innovative as the shoe that was the jumping off point. Structures are currently on display in New York, London, Rio, and Shanghai, with highly anticipated locations in Milan and Tokyo opening this October.

United Visual Artists is responsible for this new addition to East London called “Floating Point,” which is the...
Here's a look at the London installation.
Arthur Huang’s Shanghai-based structure entitled “Feather Pavilion” flawlessly embraces the ethos of Nike Flyknit.
Here's another look at the Shanghai installation.
Ernesto Neto’s massive handmade sculpture entitled "ObichoSusPensoNaPaisaGen," Obicho for short, is reminiscent of a...
Here's a detail of the crocheted structure.
Known for her experimental design, Jenny Sabin looked at the project through both an architectural and scientific lens.
Here's a detailed look at Sabin's design.