Collection by Jami Smith

New Zealand Goes Modern Part Two


From a remote and sustainable beach house, to a compact prefab vacation home, to an affordable hillside abode, we add three new stunning residences to our previously explored topic, New Zealand Goes Modern.

A promenade, playfully dubbed “the wharf,” offers a spot to catch morning rays.
Rookie firm Patch Work Architecture used locally sourced Lawson cypress to clad the exterior of a 970-square-foot house...
The second-story viewing platform was born from an onsite discovery.
Bach to...
A compact prefab vacation home in the seaside community of Onemana Beach is clad in plywood and vertical timber battens...
Sliding glass doors made from Viridian’s ComfortPlus glass and yellow cedar wood lead to decks flanking the kitchen and...
The topography proved challenging so the designers elevated the house on piers.
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