Collection by Kelsey Keith

Nautical Abodes


A handful of homes who modernize their lake- or seaside locations with horizontal slats, lots of wood, and vernacular references.

View of the boathouse from the lake.
Just because your kitchen is on the smaller side doesn’t mean you can’t make it as efficient and effective as possible.
The couple plan to add a kitchen garden to the platform just below the terrace that connects to the kitchen.
Cedar slats mark the facade of Floating House, Doug and Becca Worple's lake house in Ontario.
The view from inside the Floating House's boat dock.
The exterior of the Popadich residence is modeled after boat storage sheds, while the interior is outfitted with...
Glimpsed from the outside, it becomes clear how an internal corridor flows through both structures at an uncommon angle.
The view from the master bedroom down the long cedar corridor into the living room is one of the home’s real pleasures.
The porthole window in the master bedroom not only evokes the sea, it looks out onto it.