Collection by Caia Hagel

Munich's Dynamic Duo: Hansandfranz


Hans and Franz were a pair of characters in a Saturday Night Live sketch who yodeled with fake Austrian accents while wearing Schwarzenegger-send-up body padding. German Gen Y’ers Horst Wittmann and Konstantin Landuris took this moniker as their namesake when they launched their Munich-based design studio in 2006, while still students at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts (they graduated in 2009 and 2010). With a fresh eye to tomorrow’s design challenges, and their signature upbeat humor, they took two thoughtful lamp prototypes to Milan the following year and were hailed as "Futurism from Munich." A succession of interesting design pieces and unusual cross-pollinating collaborations have ensued for the duo, who credit the magic of their Bavarian childhoods—Landuris wanted to be an astronaut, and Wittmann was a graffiti artist—as their inspiration. “I still have the same fun and challenges today in design as I had as a graffiti artist but now I’m addicted to the complexity of three-dimensional objects…and it’s all legal,” says Wittmann. Yes, there is a boyish charm to the cleverness of the work—and several winks to outer space.

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