Collection by Caia Hagel

Munich's Dynamic Duo: Hansandfranz


Hans and Franz were a pair of characters in a Saturday Night Live sketch who yodeled with fake Austrian accents while wearing Schwarzenegger-send-up body padding. German Gen Y’ers Horst Wittmann and Konstantin Landuris took this moniker as their namesake when they launched their Munich-based design studio in 2006, while still students at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts (they graduated in 2009 and 2010). With a fresh eye to tomorrow’s design challenges, and their signature upbeat humor, they took two thoughtful lamp prototypes to Milan the following year and were hailed as "Futurism from Munich." A succession of interesting design pieces and unusual cross-pollinating collaborations have ensued for the duo, who credit the magic of their Bavarian childhoods—Landuris wanted to be an astronaut, and Wittmann was a graffiti artist—as their inspiration. “I still have the same fun and challenges today in design as I had as a graffiti artist but now I’m addicted to the complexity of three-dimensional objects…and it’s all legal,” says Wittmann. Yes, there is a boyish charm to the cleverness of the work—and several winks to outer space.

After meeting in Milan in 2007, Jerry Helling, CEO of Berhardt Design, asked HANSANDFRANZ to give him some thoughts on...
This E.T. phone home-like lamp received a Special Mention from the Milan jury the first and only year HANSANDFRANZ went...
HANSANDFRANZ’s current inspiration with business is collaboration with unexpected clients.
This a concrete landscaping system with elements of inspiration from Hadid’s Wave (the idea of an ongoing sidewalk that...
Is a high-powered LED light object manufactured by Macrolux that can expand between floor and ceiling, and using the...
This collapsible bar, launched in the winter of 2010/2011, is an annual happening spanning December to February.

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