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Muji Hut Launches With 3 New Tiny Prefab Homes


Earlier this week at Tokyo's annual Design Touch event, the well-loved Japanese "no-brand" purveyor of furniture and home goods launched a new line of prefab micro-homes, called Muji Hut. Take a look inside the three debut models designed by Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, and Naoto Fukasawa.

With a footprint of just 106 square feet, this Muji Hut prefab unit by German designer Konstantin Grcic makes a case...
Inside, the spare, monastic wood interior includes a lofted space, suitable for a sleeping area.
A semi-transparent, shoji-style sliding door allows filtered sunlight into the space, while also maintaining privacy.
The second Muji Hut, by British designer Jasper Morrison, who splits his time between his studios in Paris and Tokyo,...
While still simple and modest, it includes a few more amenities than offered by Grcic's design, including a...
It also includes a small kitchenette equipped with a sink, wooden countertop, and a dining area/nook.
The third hut, by Muji's head design consultant and revered product designer Naoto Fukasawa, is made primarily of...
As with Morrison's Muji Hut model, it includes a wood-burning stove and small kitchenette.
The main draw of Fukasawa's hut: a bathroom featuring a large, Japanese-style tub with a view.