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Movable Walls Instantly Transform a Small Vacation Home from a Two-Bedroom to a Studio


A complete renovation by PKMN architectures smartly reimagines a tiny, dated space in Spain. For more compact remodels, pick up our November issue, on newsstands now.

María José García and Enrique Zepeda, permanent residents of Mexico, desired a second home in Salinas, Spain, that would be a European base for their frequent travels, as well as a guesthouse for family members and visitors. This tall order needed to be achieved in just 750 square feet of overall living space. Designing with these multiple functions in mind, Madrid-based PKMN architectures orchestrated a complete overhaul that would introduce flexibility and impermanence as central design principles. Transforming a choppy and dated flat, most of the new internal walls and partitions rotate effortlessly to meet different needs. Depending on the configuration, the home can be used as a two bedroom, one bedroom, or open studio space for parties or gatherings. The overall result, says PKMN’s David Pérez, is a home with “not one centimeter of space that cannot be lived to the maximum.”

Viewed from the entryway, the living room is the main gathering space of the home.
A movable partition wall divides the bedroom and living room.
One movable wall shifts into place to transform the entry into the smaller of two bedrooms.
The smaller of the two bedrooms is seen in use, and the dining area is relocated to the nook beside the kitchen.
The small bedroom is outfitted with two beds, and can sleep up to three people.
Though much of the apartment favors a minimal, white palette, the kitchen embraces pattern and texture through the warm...
In the most open layout configuration, all bedroom walls are closed to create one large living space.
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