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Movable Walls Instantly Transform a Small Vacation Home from a Two-Bedroom to a Studio


A complete renovation by PKMN architectures smartly reimagines a tiny, dated space in Spain. For more compact remodels, pick up our November issue, on newsstands now.

María José García and Enrique Zepeda, permanent residents of Mexico, desired a second home in Salinas, Spain, that would be a European base for their frequent travels, as well as a guesthouse for family members and visitors. This tall order needed to be achieved in just 750 square feet of overall living space. Designing with these multiple functions in mind, Madrid-based PKMN architectures orchestrated a complete overhaul that would introduce flexibility and impermanence as central design principles. Transforming a choppy and dated flat, most of the new internal walls and partitions rotate effortlessly to meet different needs. Depending on the configuration, the home can be used as a two bedroom, one bedroom, or open studio space for parties or gatherings. The overall result, says PKMN’s David Pérez, is a home with “not one centimeter of space that cannot be lived to the maximum.”

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