Collection by William Lamb

Modern Stereo Setups


Is there such a thing as "home" without music? Whether it's classical or hip-hop, country-and-western shuffle or white-blazer soft-rock, it would sound fantastic coming out of one of these stylish rigs.

A pair of Slow chairs by the Bouroullec brothers for Vitra frame a new Brionvega RR226 stereo by Achille Castiglioni in...
The stereo in Unit A’s third-floor bedroom/study box is just a tease compared to the windowless basement “audio room,”...
Loredana Dall’ Amico reads in the living room, where all the seating was designed by her husband.
Much of the charm of this small, affordable space is its sense of careful clutter.
Cohen and his wife, Sally, sit in the dining room, which along with the connected living room, is a focal point of the...
The shop has something for everyone: furniture, lights, ceramics, glass, clothing, books, and music.