Collection by Marianne Colahan

Modern Pendant Lights with Pops of Color


Adding a colorful ceiling light into an interior helps to bring personality to the space. Pendant lighting also encourages people to look upward, making rooms feel more expansive. These six lights can complement colorful interiors or create a bold focal point in a neutral room.

The Cielo Lamp from Pablo is defined by its use of simple, circular shapes.
The Doo Wop Suspension Light, originally called the Navy Light, was first designed in the 1950s in collaboration with...
Aptly named, the Bird Cage Pendants from Felicia Ferrone recall the look of traditional birdcages with an added...
Inspired by nature, the Calla Pendant Light’s design is based on the calla lily flower.
The Frame Pendant Light from Iacoli & McAllister is a simple light that celebrates the source of illumination—a simple...
The PH 50 Pendant was released in 2008 as a high-gloss version of the PH 5 pendant that was originally designed in...

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