Collection by Erika Heet

Modern Homes in San Diego


Although at first glance San Diego is typically associated with beachside apartments and tile-roofed bungalows, it most definitely has a modern side. With architectural legends such as Louis Kahn blazing the trail, the city is holding its own: Here are six houses from our pages that show San Diego's modern edge.

The flat roof of the Nakhshabs’ energy-efficient home is topped with photo-voltaic panels.
Nestled between an existing concrete wall at right and the new reading loft at left is the entrance staircase, which...
For this San Diego family, the phrase "putting down roots" has taken on a whole new meaning.
Sebastian and Maricarmen Mariscal take in the sweeping western views from the balcony of their new downtown San Diego...
Jonathan and Wendy Segal on their master bedroom deck.
Twin houses face off in La Jolla across wide-open walls and decking.