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20 Best Modern Homes from the Midwest


Wide-open spaces, welcoming attitudes, and a healthy respect for modernism: the American Midwest has much to offer. Here are 12 modern houses from the Heartland.

Lauren Ewing’s stylish, but unassuming shotgun-style house in Vincennes, Indiana, is set into a hill overlooking a...
The skylight boxes are clad in lap-seam metal panels, which Wheeler describes as an economical material choice.
Lauren Ewing’s stylish but unassuming shotgun-style house in Vincennes, Indiana, is set into a hill overlooking a field...
Dow Chemical put Midland on the map, but architect and local scion Alden B. Dow made it the most modern town in...
El Dorado Inc designed this 4,500-square-foot house for Dave Byers and his family.
Tom McMurtrie and Genia Service with their five-year-old son, Gary.
Residents are allowed a small swath to plant gardens.
Eero Saarinen’s legendary Miller House opened to the public in May 2011 for the first time.
Designed by architect Jeffery Poss, the tea hut is the first of what Kalanzis and her husband, Bill Cope, hope to be...
Geoff and Joanna Mouming’s compact modern farmhouse is the first permanent structure at Yum Yum Farm in Wellman, Iowa.
Kansas City architecture firm Kem Studio renovated a house on Kansas City's historic Janssen Place.
“They were really pushing for a traditional farmhouse,” explains architect Matthew Hufft, of the Kansas City–based firm...
The outdoor furniture is from Richard Schultz.
Built on a challenging hillside site and tucked behind a thicket of trees, the Bridgman, Michigan, house designed by...
Front view of the FlatPak House in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The residence is built on the same lot as the William Theisen mansion, a sprawling 20,125-square-foot house that was...
The modern Bracher house stands out in the more traditional Fairgrounds neighborhood outside the Dayton, Ohio city...
The deck is designed for all seasons. In the blazing summer sun, people can hang out under covered areas.
The exterior of the Field House, designed by Wendell Burnette Architects in Ellington, Wisconsin.

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