Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Modern Homes Built Around Trees


Wishing to preserve existing sites and the natural beauty of original trees, these seven homes use nature as their centerpiece.

The tension between old and new is easy to see in Prague, where Art Deco housing butts up uncomfortably with...
The 300-year-old beech tree supplies shade, movement, sound, and color to the site, and provides a towering natural...
Finally, the stone pine tree reveals itself from the backyard looking over the Venice neighborhood.
For this San Diego family, the phrase "putting down roots" has taken on a whole new meaning.
This open-ended box, lined in mirrored glass, performs like a kaleidoscope, amplifying the mature Melia tree’s presence...
A wider view of the bridge that "will strengthen the floating concept of this house," according to Wibowo.
To reconnect back to the fallen tree, the architects carved a portal in the walnut floor, affording a view of the...