Collection by Luke Hopping

Modern Homes Across Eastern Europe


Venture across the vanquished Iron Curtain to see strikingly modern homes in Poland, Russia, and beyond.

The north wall of the IST home functions as a cut-away, offering a peek inside an efficient yet cozy dwelling.
"The credenza is probably my favorite piece of furniture, and in the Yugodom I set up one in each room," Milakovic says.
"Most [floating homes] are reinvented boats with an unhealthy condensation inside, translated into humidity.
Dragisic used basic materials and colors throughout the apartment: white for the custom shelving, charcoal gray for the...
Though the house sits cozily at the back of a birch forest clearing, Zhidkov says no trees were cut during construction.
The central, welded-iron staircase is the house’s most striking contemporary feature.
NArchitekTURA chose a monochromatic white interior for its "Apartment of the Future—R&D Laboratory" in Dobrodzień,...
Rok Oman of OFIS Architects started the renovation of what would become Villa Criss-Cross by tackling a thorny site...
The budget was nearly as tight as the space in this cheerful renovation of a 516-square-foot flat in Bratislava.
Architect Konieczny lifted the existing ground and wrapped it around the roof and exterior rooftop staircase,...