Collection by Sarah Winkler Studio

Modern Art Mountain / Glacial Pools - SW Studio


The high altitude mountain regions with their exposed, mineral-rich rock layers, vast ridge lines, uplifted summits and glacial erosion textures provide the source of visual exploration for my mountain geology paintings. Working from actual locations as well as conglomerate impressions of the alpine wilderness, I bend the reality of space and force horizon lines where they don't exist to show the geological process of landscape formation both above and below ground. I paint in sections, treating each area to an erosion technique to form naturalistic landscapes. - Sarah Winkler / Painter

Ov Blood Range, 28 x 60".
White Water Canyon, 60 x 60".
Maroon Bells. 24 x 48".
Flatirons, 30 x 60". Matte Acrylic with crushed minerals on birch panel.
Alpen Glow, 58x58". Matte Acrylic with crushed minerals on birch panel.
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