Collection by Diana Budds

Modern Architecture Meets Screen Stars


While Cary Grant may never have set foot into Oscar Niemeyer's Casa das Canoas, he looks quite at home ironing a shirt in artist Federico Babina's "Archilife" illustrated series of structures from the modernist canon as if they were inhabited by classic film stars. Check out a few images from it in our slideshow.

Cary Grant in Oscar Niemeyer's Casa das Canoas, an imaginary scene from artist Federico Babina's 17-image series...
None other than Michael Caine in a Louis Kahn structure.
Woody Allen in a Rudolph Schindler house.
Steve McQueen in John Lautner's Sheats-Goldstein Residence from 1963.
Audrey Hepburn in the Eames House.
Jimmy Stewart in the Barragan House. See Babina's full Archilife series here and check out his previous work here.