Collection by Luke Hopping

Modern Architecture Across China


Though its stratospheric skylines are iconic, the true extent of China's modernist movement is shrouded in mystery to many outsiders. Here, we've selected a few of the nation's most impressive homes and buildings.

Here's a shot of the interior walkway of the Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum.
The interior consists of five different levels, all linked by a steel-and-wood staircase.
The Pinch, a library and community center in Shuanghe Village, Yunnan Province, China, is notable for a series of...
Triple-glazed windows dot the dome’s shell, blurring the distinction between a window and a skylight as they rise.
British architect Norman Foster sited the banking hall on the HSBC building’s first level, rather than the customary...
When Ma designed a house for his father outside their home city of Xián, it became a learning experience.
The CCTV building, the headquarters of China Central Television designed by OMA, in earthquake-prone Beijing.