Collection by Caroline Wallis

Minimalist Built-Ins Are the Secret Behind This Tiny Montreal Apartment


Down to its custom storage, this 850-square-foot loft in the heart of Montréal is tailored perfectly to the lifestyle needs of an aging couple.

“Most of our friends said we were going to drive each other crazy,” one of the homeowners recounts. “We also lived in Holland for two months, and that apartment was tiny, but we enjoyed the fact that life was simpler. We said ‘We can do this if we’re smart about it.’” The homeowners turned to Gepetto, a French Canadian firm based in Quebec, for a neat, low-maintenance and innovative design for their newly acquired 850-square-foot flat. The apartment, essentially one large room plus a bathroom and alcoves, was transformed into a carefully crafted minimalist residence in just six months. From shoji screens to extensive and understated custom cabinetry, this apartment lives up to its homeowners’ design belief that “Less is best.”

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