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Milk Stools


This playful and innovative furniture series consists of friendly and familiar shapes that are balanced with slightly surreal and off-kilter features. The material serves as a main source of inspiration for this collection. It’s an examination of the properties of wood, how it moves and adjusts itself, seemingly on its own.

The image of crooked slats in a weathered picket fence originally impelled Alissia Melka-Teichroew to explore the idea of asymmetrical wood pieces supporting each other. She found a similar kind of irregularity and balancing act in the old-fashioned one-legged milk stool. By merging the two concepts she arrived at the Milk Stools, a sturdy but uneven chair propped up by expressive and lopsided legs. The design evolved into a larger Milk Bench (currently not manufactured) with similarly jumbled legs that almost look like they’re moving on their own.

Out of these objects grew a whole family of furniture called the Peasant Collection: Milk Bench, All Is Vanity , The Skirt Side Table, Slats Rocker & Chair, American Beauty Desk Light and the American Beauty Pendant Light.

Material: Beechwood, transparent matt and black matt varnished finish
Made: in France

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