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INFO: A collaboration with furniture designer Chris L. Halstrøm, MIFTAH is two floor cushions questioning the boundaries of when a textile becomes a furniture.

A mattress is the one piece of furniture we really need. The universal basis of comfort, rest and homeliness, regardless of status and culture. The name, ‘miftah’, is Arabic for key: a physical key to a door or a home as well as a figurative key to something new. In a comment on the current refugee situation in Europe, we chose the name with the aim of sparking associations to an open door that leads to safety, a new country, culture or home and new solutions. The small pillow doubles as an extra chair when you welcome a guest or share your home with someone else.

The textile was hand-woven in my workshop to pay tribute to this humble piece of furniture in a weave inspired by traditional Danish peasant techniques.

Exhibited as part ofMINDCRAFT16 during Salone del Mobile, April 12-17 2016 at Circolo Filologico Milanese, Via Clerici 10, 20121 Milan
TYPE: Floor cushions

CLIENT: Mindcraft16 - The Danish Arts Foundation

DATE: April 2016

MATERIALS:Icelandic wool, foam

DIMENSIONS: 80 x 120 cm, 55 x 55 cm