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Michigan: Day 2


The second part of my recent Michigan trip took me to Midland to see the work of Alden B. Dow. I had a grand tour of town and his work with Craig McDonald of the Dow Home and Studio, but when I woke up on Saturday it was less clear what I'd do. Thanks to the power of ye olde Twitter, though, I was able to link up with the folk at Steelcase to get a wonderful tour of the Meyer May house in Grand Rapids. Steelcase did a major restoration of the 1908 Frank Lloyd Wright design in the late 80s and it is now in fine repair. Docent Don Dekker showed me around, and boy am I glad I made that two-hour morning drive from Midland to see the place. Have a look at the photos I took along the way.

I couldn't leave Midland without getting a look at its architectural symbol. Not an Alden B. Dow building, mind you,...
That's me with the Tridge in the background.
After my stroll along the Tridge I wandered back to this funny pavilion that houses the Midland, Michigan, farmer's...
After a Twitter conversation, phone call, and a two-hour drive into Grand Rapids, I arrived at the Meyer May house.
Here's a detail from the facade that I really liked.
The living room downstairs is perfectly Wrightian with nice organic details in the joinery and windows.
One of the amazing details in the Meyer May house is a quartet of lamps at each corner of the dining table.
Another great detail is this mural that wraps around a wall that faces both the foyer and dining room.
This recliner is up in the Mays' sitting room. Have a look at the chain detail on the back.
This clothes rack in the hall closet pulls out thanks to a mechanism May used in his store.
A final stop on the tour was May's son Richard's room.

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