Collection by Aaron Britt

Mexico City: Day 3


My third day of Mexico City design tourism was one fraught with camera woes. Not only did many of the photos I took on my daylong wander not come through a vexing download (goodbye morning walk through Polanco) but I managed to even leave my camera in the taxi that took me to the massive handicrafts market La Ciudadela! So I've got no photos of that, though I am happy to report that Senor Romero who took me to La Ciudadela and agreed to pick me up an hour and a half later was waiting for me with my untouched camera on the backseat! I did nonetheless get a few snaps of two of the highlights of my trip: a fabulous Mexican meal at the high-end hacienda the San Angel Inn and the Diego Rivera and Frida Kalho house and studios right next door. Have a look.

Here's a view of the house and studio buildings from the San Angel Inn parking lot.
Rivera's studio (foreground in red) is connected to Kahlo's (in blue) via a bridge on the roof.
I particularly liked that a fence was done away with in favor of a wall of cacti.
Here's a glimpse of the bridge from the Rivera studio over to the Kahlo side.
Here's a view of the Rivera side from across the bridge.
Here's a drawing by Rivera hung on one of the walls. It was in a small bedroom.
The most impressive space was in the red structure and was this double-height studio space.
I could not get over these massive paper-mache people. They looked like they must have been used in some procession.
Here you can see into the nook off the main space.
These beautiful green chests held loads of ceramics, some of which appeared to be pre-Hispanic.
Diego's typewriter. Easier to imagine him thundering his orders, but I expect he must of put a few to paper.
This little side table was next to a small bed.
A drawing of O'Gorman's building. Note that amazing concrete spiral staircase off the one facade.
After my time at the studio and house I headed over to the San Angel Inn, which served up some of the most amazing food...
The gorgeous hacienda was no slouch itself. Wandering around in search of the bathroom was never so exciting.
I ate on the patio out front with some new pals, but those eating inside the courtyard got a special treat.