Collection by Kelly Cooper

Methodology Highlights


We just announced the winner of our Methodology contest, but we received many more creative and innovative designs from readers eager to upcycle away. A special thanks to everyone who spent time thinking about how to transform a humble container into something useful, practucal, and beautiful! Click through our slideshow to see seven of our favorite ideas.

Small spaces can translate to big problems when it comes to storage; that’s why we love the Method Bookends entry.
Upcycled Home Décor: Finalist Nicole presented three fun ways to take empty Method bottles and turn them into...
Method Hummingbird Feeder: Turning the competition into a family challenge, Stephanie and her family teamed up to...
Feed Clean: Yet another bottle-turned-feeder sent our wings flapping.
Method Bottle Lamp Shade/Chandelier: A lampshade connoisseur, Jeanette in Washington envisioned several bottles cut to...
Drip Irrigation: As water shortages spread across the nation, Method bottles can serve an important purpose.
Multi-Functional-Vessel: Makeshift meets versatility in this creative and sustainable project.