Meow Parlour


NYC's first cat cafe: where cats roam freely and humans are reminded to play. Over 120 cats (often 'unadoptable' black cats, tripods, FIV or just plain shy cats) have been adopted from this cat cafe. Humans have benefited from this place too.

Meow Parlour: NYC's first cat cafe where cats roam freely awaiting adoption. Over 120 cats (often 'unadoptable' black…
Much needed storage is integrated into the seating and display
Just below the bench is much needed storage and also functions as a maze for the cats to sneak off for a catnap
Upper catwalk allows for a quiet place for the cats to getaway. The bar counters are supported by a cat maze structure
W O E M: the block lettering allows for the perfect perch for the cats to do what all New Yorkers do best: watch…
This small mousehole is a perfect getaway to a cat only section of the cat cafe
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