Collection by Sarah Rich

Marek Gut Commode


Though we already ran our weekly round-up of finds from the Web, I couldn't help spotlighting this retrofuturistic piece of furniture by Polish designer Marek Gut. The so-called Commode (we'd probably associate a different kind of object with such a name, but in this case it's something of sideboard) is a practical storage chest that capitalizes on its design-driven angles by containing shelves of various sizes and shapes.

The bright yellow interior is mostly concealed behind walnut veneer, but the narrowly visible seam indicates there's more inside (and creates its own 3-sided geometric graphic accent. Gut intentionally designed in some secret compartment along the side in addition to the drawers that pull out and surfaces that fold down. At Stylepark, an extensive product design site based in Frankfurt, Gut's design is drawn out in detail, with images of the initial sketches, the miniature models, production process shots, and a photo of the designer.