Collection by Emma Marsano

Making Order From Chaos: 8 Beautifully Busy Homes


These eight homes turn clutter into decoration through the careful arrangement of eclectic belongings.

Vintage kettles and a wide-ranging assortment of pots and pans sit above kitchen cabinets from IKEA.
Langston-Jones works tucked in his office beneath the stairs.
Located just off the entry hall, this room opens onto a lush garden.
Throughout the house, built-in storage and shelving is cleverly positioned in alcoves and recesses, as in the dining...
When it comes to media storage in a small space, consider making the most of your nooks and crannies.
Three thin slabs, staggered vertically through the space, create three distinct floors and allow light to flood in from...
The upstairs living room is an open plan social space, perfect for entertaining.
"Across the room is the first 25 bench I ever made; it was salvaged from a now-closed restaurant I codesigned, called...

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