Collection by Jim Tattersall


Light My Fire “I didn’t want to compromise the Victorian nature of the house,” she says.
Immediately to the right of the entry is the main living space, which features a Jetmaster 700D wood-burning fireplace.
White lighting elements, finishes, furnishings, walls, and moldings create a feeling of modern openness to this...
The Black and White Apartment by Crosby Studios.
The antenna of Claude Vasconi’s TDF television tower is visible through the Velux skylight architects Caroline Djuric...
“Conceptually, all of the spaces in the house are connected to the kitchen and dining area by the stairwell, the...
Windows in the roof monitor let in natural light and ventilation.
Light floods the living and dining rooms, meaning Schneider rarely needs to turn on a lamp during the day.
The house’s stacked floors progress vertically from the communal basement, through the mixed-use mezzanine, to the...
The tin panels lining the stairs are original to the house.
The designer took his inspiration for the minimal staircase from traditional Polish “duck stairs.” Since they’re...
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