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London and New York: A Double Exposure Project


Daniella Zalcman is a photojournalist who has worked for the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and National Geographic, among other outlets. When she moved from New York to London, she decided to create a series of double exposures to marry the spirit of both cities based on a combination of negative space, color, and contrast.

Daniella’s double exposures create beautiful imaginary landscapes, and are captured entirely with her iPhone 4s. Although she ordinarily uses professional-grade DSLRs, she enjoyed using the iPhone for the freedom it afforded her, feeling more at liberty to experiment with techniques which would be out of place in traditional photojournalism.

In line with other hip “smartphone photography,” like Chase Jarvis’ The Best Camera Is the One That’s With You, Daniella’s photos speak to something beautiful about travel, through a lens which is portable.

This story originally appeared on Matador Network, a Dwell partner site.

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