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Light & Bright / Neutrals Shine Through


Neutral palettes are a favorite in many design circles, a minimalist’s dream come true is an all white room, and there have been many parodies in this, including my favorite in the TV show Absolutely Fabulous where Patsy and Eddie make the terrifying mistake of bringing a bottle of red wine to their all white minimalist friends house only to leave it outside the door in fear it will be a glaringly obvious faux par.

As most designers know, white comes in a million shades and while we consider it an obvious choice for a clean look, you have to pick your whites carefully. A warm creamy white feels totally different to a crisp clinical one and will give you a completely different look or feel.

Whites in nature inspire, the white of an egg, the crisp blanket of snow that can cover a city overnight. The bark of birch tree and a glass of frothy milk. More often than not, Architects and Interior Designers embrace white as a color of choice, it feels harmonious and reflects light in the most beautiful way.

At Studio Marcus Hay, We love working with white, In a world often saturated with an overload of color options, white offers a sophisticated platform in which to create, It’s painterly quality and neutrality means concentrating on composition rather than worrying about the clash of using multiple colors.

Pinterest is also a Stylist’s and Art Director’s new best friend, these images are from my folders you can check out. These layouts were created for the sole purpose of this blog only, all images are credited where possible, Let us know if it’s not the case and we can amend. We aim to highlight all the amazing work done by so many fellow people using flowers as their medium and inspiration. Thank you for bringing refreshing neutrality into our lives!

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