Collection by Jami Smith

Let There Be White


From white exteriors to interiors, these homeowners know how to illuminate their space by using minimal color. As previously explored in Color Story: White, take a closer look at these working white wonders.

When Jennifer and Mattias Segerholt decided to move to Portland after five years in Los Angeles, a shared climate-based...
In the center of this modern, open kitchen, a wood-clad iron cube rises 13.12 feet high.
Built in 1938, this home faces the stretching coastline of Cohasset, Massachusetts.
New York resident Lawrence Weiner sits at his day lit desk.
The best way to integrate different furniture styles is to treat “the space like a gallery and place objects according...
For this duo of young architects behind the firm Atherton Keener, the harsh, ever-changing light of Phoenix, Arizona,...

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