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L'Eau Vive


L'Eau Vive is an ancestral home standing alongside a charming river in the Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec. Former inn, the residence has been the object of an architectural rehabilitation highlighting its rich heritage and allowing it to adapt to a contemporary lifestyle.

We opened the space by removing specifics walls and changing the circulation corridors in order to establish a connection, formerly practically inexistent, between the different rooms of the house. One of the central elements was the complete annexation of the garage, which now holds the dining room and a mezzanine office space. The result entails a remarkable fluidity between the different spaces. Furthermore, the addition of windows and the optimization of existing openings have significantly increased the amount of natural light in the rooms.

The main objective has been achieved: strengthening the relations between interior and exterior in order to fully benefit from the proximity to the river and its changing nature throughout the seasons.

Formerly subdivided into several enclosed rooms, this section of the house now gives an interesting perspective on the...
This area of the residence is the closest to the river.
This former garage is now converted into a large open space.
The staircase connects the ground floor corridor to the second floor.
The veranda connects the original living room to the main living areas.
A sliding wall divides the veranda space from the living room, allowing the occupants to modulate the space according...
The staircase was built from the wooden beams that belonged to the structure of the ancestral floor.
The master bedroom’s simple design highlights the ancestral chimney.
The master bedroom is equipped with built-in furniture in the lower part of the roof and with a small private bathroom.
The walkway separates the master bedroom from the private mezzanine made to be an office.
There is the ancestral house from the exterior.