Collection by Aaron Britt

Laura Desk by Phloem Studio


"Not ANOTHER George Nelson inspired desk??!!" went designer Ben Klebba's note to us. Though the Portland, Oregon-based woodworker and craftsman, who works under the name Phloem Studio, has his tongue firmly in cheek, his senses of scale, proportion, and beauty are right on point. We dug a little deeper into the process and inspiration for the lovely Laura desk and Klebba was so eloquent and excited that we've decided to let him describe it in his own words. Click through the slideshow to see one of the lovlier writing stations you'll stumble across and to learn how it came to be.

"My girlfriend, Laura, and I both draw by hand. She sketches and then those drawings end up becoming wooden sculpture.
"I remembered the classic George Nelson Swag desk. It was playful and fun like so many of Nelson’s designs.
"But…I’m a woodworker, and the Swag desk is made from plastic, laminate, steel, and veneered particleboard or plywood.
"The cantilevered wedge shaped form of the Laura Desk takes a cue from the Swag desk.
"The desk’s sides, legs, stretcher, and drawers are made from solid wood.
"Each desk is made to order, handcrafted with the finest domestic hardwoods and veneers available, marked 'Phloem...
"While the desk has a hint of Shaker design to it, this is the 21st-century and cord ports are essential.
"I see the Laura Desk in a study, a bedroom, or a den—small spaces to calm your mind at a simple workstation.
"The Shakers inspire me with their simplicity.