Collection by Jonathan Simcoe



Things that capture the inexpressible Swedish ethos of lagom.

Built-in shelving crafted by local carpenters distinguish the living area from the service zone, where appliances and...
A section of the farmhouse’s original shingled roof peeks out from under the new, raised ceiling in the master bedroom.
A pair of mid-century perches by Kofod-Larsen sit beneath a print by Andy Warhol in an upstairs bedroom.
The communal living room area acts a social space where guests can mingle and relax.
Michael and Tamami brought greenery to the master bath courtyard, which is lined with Eco Arbor Designs deck tiles, in...
A handful of modernist classics—an Eames Lounge, a Bubble Lamp by George Nelson, and a shell armchair from...
Florida Street is a minimal warehouse interior located in London, England, designed by Paper House Project.
"It only cost about $48,000 to build, which was incredibly cheap," says Turner of the Stealth Barn.
Though the house is a mostly wooden affair, a sense of transparency pervades, thanks to many windows and the glass...
The staircase has a floating metal landing that connects to a fir plywood wall.
The whitewashed interior uses a limited palette of finished surface materials.
The homeowners requested that color be integrated throughout the house; a wall underneath the countercovered in...
The Wood Box Apartment by Crosby Studios.
For a beauty parlor in Moscow, the studio kept the structure’s original 19th-century flooring intact, filling in areas...
A desk organizer and wall mirror collection by Kristina Krogh.
A mix of red cedar shingles and scales make of the exterior.
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