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Available to rent through Airbnb, Green Acres’ yurts are hidden away in a quiet wooded area just outside of Austin,...
Shown here is the lounge seating vignette in the covered patio/garden area, which is filled with greenery and furniture...
The courtyard holds outdoor seating and a fire pit.
Crawford added a covered patio where guests can relax and enjoy a meal within the garden.
A new volume, clad in black aluminum, houses two bedrooms.
Three Joined Cabins Turn This Virginia Retreat Into a Modern Take on Camp
For some people, building a house may seem like a daunting commitment to permanence—a kind of spatial lockdown.
Woodman’s Tree House is built using local materials where possible and includes traditional wooden craftsmanship...
This Prototype Modular System Could Bring Green Walls to Parking Garages
At the University of Texas at Austin, vertical gardening gets an architectural update.
The front door is tucked under a cantilevered terrace.
The new wooden rooftop terrace is surrounded by a green roof garden utilizing reclaimed bluestone pavers and native...
The indoor garden wall Patrick Blanc created for his friends the Dimanches is so lush, it's almost as if someone has...
She also designed the table, surrounded by vintage Wishbone chairs by Hans Wegner, in her studio.
Once through the street-level entrance, the property's modern garage door comes into view.
Fields of native grasses connect the main residence, situated at the top of the slope, to the new structures scattered...
A section of the facade—a cross between a shoji screen and a barn door—slides open.
A stepped concrete garden planted with herbs and flowers marks the descent to the house.

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