Collection by Eujin Rhee

Krion Solid Surfaces by SystemPool and Porcelanosa


Dwell was kindly invited by Spanish tile manufacturer Porcelanosa to tour their facilities and explore two of Spain's most highly populated cities, Valencia and Madrid. On this trip, we checked out SYSTEMPOOL's Krion showroom in Madrid to see what everyone is raving about.

What exactly is Krion? Krion is a new-generation solid surface developed by SYSTEMPOOL that is warm to the touch and...
Made of two-thirds natural minerals (ATH—Aluminum Trihydride) and a low percentage of high-percentage resins, the...
Cleaning and maintaining Krion is easier than ever, thanks to seamless sections which prevent liquids from being...
Even with heat applied directly to the surface using a blowtorch, the impermeable material resisted.
The material is also very malleable, allowing for endless possibilities.
A wall of colored Krion sample sheets.
SYSTEMPOOL offers a wide range of colors and styles, including a white finish that stands out for its purity in...
All products made of Krion can be reprocessed and reused in the production cycle.