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Prized possessions such as the old English butcher’s block sit cheek-to-jowl with 21st-century amenities, such as the...
In total, the renovation was completed for around $35,000.
We create tiles in collaboration with individual artists and with artisans from around the world.
The faucets, which are made of copper plumbing fittings, reference the history of the building and its industrial roots.
Cabinet fabricator Michael Madore experimented with what he calls an “aggressive” metal-sanding process to pull out the...
To complement the white-washed custom cabinetry in her kitchen, architect Julie Salles Schaffer has designed a tile...
The patio features a cement floor inlaid with traditional baldosa hidráulico tiles by Pinar Miro.
Block kitchen. Felanitx renovation by Munarq. © Gonçal Garcia.
Small kitchen with dinette. House VV by Rolies + Dubois.
Dining area. House VH-VP by Rolies + Dubois.