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On a recent trip back to the motherland, Marcus enjoyed a month sinking back into the Australian way after more than 10 years living away from this great city down under.

Here is his account:

The first thing that strikes you when finally clear the airport is that that light is bright, Sydney has the type of light that could blind you it’s so brilliant. Everything seems so, so blue and there is a reason why blue features heavily in most decorating palettes in the city, it’s everywhere. The sky on a good day is so crisp but on a stormy or cloudy day, the clouds billow and float above you with the imminent possibility of a downpour at any minute.

Perhaps the people of Sydney’s temperament is not unlike the weather, Clear and sparkly one minute but can become dark and stormy the next. There is a raw energy and a sense of wild abandonment you can feel in general in Sydney with it’s folks, however recent lock down laws have forced people to reconsider their wilder side usually spurred on by a chardonnay too many.

I like this slightly brutal side of Sydney, It’s unashamed in it’s raw beauty, buildings are monumental and graphic, dig deep and you will find amazing nods to modernist roots with ceramic murals and art deco wonders all around the city.

Venture onto the beaches and nature will hit you in the face, open rock pools, breathtaking views of waterways and coasts. Graphic seaweed and cute waterside eateries will have you eating 4 courses and 2 bottles of wine before the afternoon is out, Sydney is that type of place.

Shopping will delight with many designers and stylists opening stores particularly around the inner west, which is blossoming. The inner CBD has killer shopping complex’s that sparkle with modern intensity, I prefer the charm of The Strand Arcade however that has been there for over 120 years.

Make sure you head to the AGNSW and to discover Australian art, old and new.

3 shops to check out:

1. Aesop/ Strand Arcade

A must for lovers of Apothercary and amazing scents

2. The Society

Stylist Sibella Court’s store and studio specializing in interiors, product development, branding & global sourcing

3. Koskela

Store and Workshop combined, Koskela takes a design conscience stance creating their own designs and encouraging collaborations with global artists

3 places to eat at:

1. The Boathouse/ Shelly Beach

Delicious Sydney rock oysters and lots of options for breakfast and lunch

2. Clareville Kiosk

A gem on the beaches, amazing food and wine selection

3. Tetsuyas

French Japanese experience you will never forget for a special occasion

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