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Inspired Flexible Attic Space


A winning design by Kevin Filbert, for an attic space of a 100 year old house - part of a competition that was ran on Arcbazar. The existing attic had a steep staircase and an unfinished space that was used only for storage. The client aimed to use his attic as a work and office space as well as accommodate guests if they came to visit.
Key desires that were outlined by the client of the project:

1. Fixing the staircase to be less steep - more of a normal pitch

2. Lifting the roof somewhat or adding dormers - retaining the exterior charm while adding light and usable space in the attic. Client likes the look of a shed dormer but was worried that it won't look right.

3. As open space as possible - with a modern design. Chimney could be eliminated by updating furnace to a modern one.

4. Inspired office work space for 2-3 people.

5. Space for a pull out couch to read and watch TV, as well as serve as additional sleeping space for guests.

6. A modern bathroom with 6ft soaking tub (not jacuzzi) - with a ledge for candles or soap. Ideally, client asked for a bathroom with an additional a shower or separate stall shower.

7. Creative storage space for clothes and books.

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