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Inside Out Glass Collection


The shape of a glass tells us what we should pour in it. When you've got a hankering for a Cosmo, you grab a Martini glass. When you're drinking bubbly, you use a champagne flute. A well-stocked bar has a whole army of glasses of different heights and shapes, from the stout tumbler to the tall, triangular martini glass. Alissia Melka-Teichroew playfully challenges these assumptions, literally turning them inside out. The exteriors of her InsideOut glasses are neutral: the trapezoidal form of the archetypical drinking glass. It's the negative space of the interior that reveals each glass's intended purpose–especially when filled with liquid. The series includes three glasses: graceful champagne, demure liqueur, and conical martini. Each is made of hand-blown glass.

The InsideOut glasses are beautiful, fun, and stylish, and boast some practical advantages, too: the double-walled glass provides insulation, keeping beverages cold for much longer than conventional barware.

Material: Hand blown Glass