Collection by Bradford Shellhammer

Inside HeadHoods' Workshop


On a cold winter's day a few weeks back, I boarded a train to Brooklyn where I met Clinton Van Gemert and his girlfriend Martha. Clinton is the brains behind HeadHoods, a unique brand of hoodies that feature iconic faces (Grace Jones, Gumby, sock monkeys). I went to see the clothing, but I left snapping only images of his workspace. It's cluttered and curated with art, objects, furniture, books, and instruments. It would take weeks to fully take everything in, and I hope my images do the chaotic expressions of his art justice.

A table in Clinton's workshop frames a cello.
Clinton and his girlfriend Martha both work on the clothing creations.
A sock monkey cutout before it gets stitched to a hoodie.
Audrey Hepburn screen-printed on a glass block.
Heavy-duty sewing machines in the often entropic studio.
HeadHoods' sock monkey designs are stacked neatly on the floor.
This surreal chair looks like it was fashioned from scavenged materials.
A few of the iconic images that might find their way onto a...
Even more cutouts on one of Clinton's workbenches.
This cheeky statement was screen printed on glass.
Artwork, books, and musical instruments live in every nook of the workshop.
Though the studio is packed to the gills with art supplies, most everything is organized.
Faces on wood blocks line the ceiling.
One of Clinton's many screenprints.
A Marilyn Monroe screen print.
In an effort to conserve space, the hoodies are stacked to the ceiling.