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Inside Brooklyn's Ambitious Tech Center


New Lab, located in Brooklyn's Navy Yard, is spurring on a group of tech companies in pursuit of complex global challenges. Personalizing your morning smoothie, these companies are not. Here's a look at the rare space that enables design, engineering, manufacturing, 3D printing and agriculture. You know, the typical startup demands.

New Lab's resident 3D printer hard at work.
Communications Director Molly Erman is in charge of telling New Lab's story.
At least one member is pleased with his New Lab benefits.
Open meeting space still offers privacy on New Lab's first floor.
Collaborative work benches are among the concepts at work in Brooklyn's New Lab.
Brooklyn's New Lab opened June 2016 and offers members a full suite of amenities.
Unlikely bedfellows; a high-powered microscope and model rover display on the 2nd floor.
New Lab's southwest entrance.
Members can rent multi-purpose studios and suites or reserve desks and shared workspaces.
Split-level functionality offers both privacy and openness for New Lab members.
A 5,000 sqft event space will see plenty of use this fall for New Lab.
Green lounges for miles.
A warm reception.
Plant life figures heavily in New Lab's overall design, thanks to an abundance of natural light..
3D-printed boots on display in New Lab's second floor exhibition space.
New Lab is located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is arguably most accessible by bike.