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Inexpensive Touchless Flush Toilet Kit


Somehow the toilets in bus stations and airports have technologically superseded the home commode. Toilets with motion sensors and water jets exist for civilian abodes, but they’re expensive to install and usually come with superfluous jets and LCD screens. This kit from Kohler can be installed without a plumber and, when finished, you can flush your standard toilet by briefly holding your hand a few inches above the tank. Available online, $100.

The main component is a motion sensor that goes inside the tank and triggers the flush cycle when it detects your hand.
Other sensors on toilets project a beam of light that, when a hand interferes, senses movement.
The automatic arm that raises and lowers the flapper can be set up so that it stays open for the correct amount of time...
The kit comes with a sticker that you can set on the tank to indicate that it uses a touchless system.
Since a full touchless flush toilet from Kohler will cost upwards of $350, this $100 kit makes sense if you already...

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