Imaginative Round Homes


Who says a home has to consist of straight lines? These dwellings forsake the strict geometry of conventional residential architecture, relying instead on curves for a more free-spirited living experience.

Buckminster Fuller, Dymaxion House, 1945–1946.
Matti Suuronen, Futuro House, 1968.
Photo by John Lautner.
The 1968 house’s shape—a rounded triangle topped with a sweeping concrete roofline that suggests a helmet as it rises...
The Italian architect Dante Bini developed the Binishell in the 1960s as a simple affordable-housing alternative for...
In addition to a hefty overhaul of the interior, the structure received a lot of attention.
The glass-walled facade faces the Strand.
The tension between old and new is easy to see in Prague, where Art Deco housing butts up uncomfortably with...