Collection by Pauline Hart


A low wooden bench running along both sides of the extension is both functional and attractive.
A bathroom fitted with white tiles.
Up close, the frit reveals a dense composition of layered, swooping curves, evocative of the motions of chefs’ hands at...
A jacuzzi bathtub that looks out fo views of the neighborhood.
A guest bedroom that's partially submerged in the dunes.
The varied heights of the volumes create interesting interior perspectives.
Roof overhangs allow light to fall in, but protect interior spaces from unwanted sunlight.
Mirrored glass allows this holiday home in Mexico to blend in with it's woodland site.
A built-in nightstand in the bedroom.
A dining area with a built-in bench and table.
On the second floor, the sliding door to one of the kids’ bedrooms lies flush with a cork-wrapped wall.
We relined the existing kitchen shelves and drawers with cork sheet material from Linoleum City.
“A summer house is every Swede’s dream,” says Duncanson, who was born in Scotland.
The clients selected a Coral pendant light by David Trubridge Design for the center of the room.
White oak...
The dwelling’s concrete slab meets a New Zealand pine deck at the custom steel entrance door.
In the kitchen, interior designer Emily Knudsen Leland replaced purple laminate cabinets with flat-sawn eastern walnut,...
In the dining room, Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs sit snugly beneath a table custom-made of Celery Top Pine by Tasmanian...

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