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Ideal Angles

The triangle peek-hole in the bedroom allows light to pour in from the central skylight.
A Revitalized Townhouse that Owes Everything to Angles
Tall ceilings and geometric walls are the framework for a Vancouver couple’s modern home.
With a triangular A-frame front, similar to that of a Swiss ski chalet, the Swiss Miss houses were designed by Charles...
Iason Vassiliou, Maria Voutsina, and their daughter, Angeliki, relax in a landing-level office at their apartment in...
"Fong Renovation Master Bedroom.
The homeowners wanted a simple, unfussy space. The walls throughout the home are painted in Dulux Swan White.
“The steep site lends itself to the ‘upside down’ configuration,” Harkness explains.
The antenna of Claude Vasconi’s TDF television tower is visible through the Velux skylight architects Caroline Djuric...
Surrounded on all sides by a sweeping Canadian hayfield, the 23.2 House is an angular ode to rural life.
The angular master bedroom benefits from plenty of windows, including a skylight above a built-in vanity.
The restrained 820-square-foot interior is defined by the angular ceiling.