Collection by Kelsey Keith

Iconic Modernist Residences


What's it like to live inside an iconic house-museum? These impeccably-preserved residences highlight the work of six great modernist architects from the 20th century.

The front door is tucked under a cantilevered terrace.
Early on, the house's simplicity had great appeal to Jan Sasseen, the current owner.
A new owner with a light touch has kept Marcel Breuer's 1959 Hooper House II a marvel of the mid-20th century whose...
The Opdahl House, designed by Edward Killingsworth for Richard and Joyce Opdahl, is located on the island of Naples, in...
Residents are allowed a small swath to plant gardens.
Isaacson "borrows the view" of a neighbor's magnolia on the adjacent property by propping open the side door.

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