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ICFF 2011: From the Show Floor


I'll admit, it's a little daunting stepping onto the show floor at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), held for a long May weekend every year at the Javits Convention Center in New York. There's a lot to see. But once you start wandering the aisles, uncovering design gems in the various booths is a blast. Here's round one of some of the things I saw that stuck with me.

Freddy Hill works out of a converted bomb factory in Cleveland, hence his furniture company's eponymous name—Bomb...
San Francisco's very own Council Design had some good looking new additions to its already ample collection.
Congrats to the boys—Theo Richardson, Charles Brill, and Alexander Williams—behind New York's Rich, Brilliant, Willing.
From the Source, a Brooklyn-based studio (with a showroom in Chelsea), collaborated with Stephen Burks to design their...
Here's Cube, stackable stoneware dishes by Sema Obuz for Ilio, the Istanbul-based, Demirden Design-backed furniture and...
Scavenging Seattle streets for stray cardboard boxes is all part of the creative process for Graypants, whose Jupiter...
Look closely at the subtle pattern on Åre, this thick, cozy-as-hell wool blanket by Espen Voll and Torbjørn Andersen...
San Francisco-based designer Peter Stathis was all over the convention center, with some fantastic new lighting with...
Foil is indoor/outdoor curtain from Elasticco that uses magnets to maintain its shape.
Hallway storage made very awesome at the Design Deutschland exhibit.
Play musical chairs. Literally.
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