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How To: Wood-Paneled Bedroom


If you're a minimalist but prefer a cozy, not cold bedroom, one tactic to consider is wood-paneled walls. Adding organic materials warms up the space without adding fussy detail. Here are eight examples.

Thomas Bercy’s austere bedroom.
To free up space, beds, shelves, and a sofa appear to be built into the wall.
The bedroom is decorated minimally by another Vogt screenprint, and a strand of green Algue.
“There’s a soulfulness in this small house that’s impossible to replicate in something completely new.
Sheer curtains let light and breezes into the master bedroom.
Karie and Mason enjoy a playful loll on the bed in the Deans’ new master bedroom.
In addition to wood and concrete, the other main material in the house is quarter-inch single-pane glass: No room is...
The master bedroom; the painting is by Radcliffe Bailey.