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How To: Wood-Paneled Bedroom


If you're a minimalist but prefer a cozy, not cold bedroom, one tactic to consider is wood-paneled walls. Adding organic materials warms up the space without adding fussy detail. Here are eight examples.

Thomas Bercy’s austere bedroom.
To free up space, beds, shelves, and a sofa appear to be built into the wall. To accommodate the gentle curve of the…
The bedroom is decorated minimally by another Vogt screenprint, and a strand of green Algue.
“There’s a soulfulness in this small house that’s impossible to replicate in something completely new. The sweetness…
Sheer curtains let light and breezes into the master bedroom.
Karie and Mason enjoy a playful loll on the bed in the Deans’ new master bedroom. The perforated wall facing the…
In addition to wood and concrete, the other main material in the house is quarter-inch single-pane glass: No room is…
The master bedroom; the painting is by Radcliffe Bailey.
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