Collection by Diana Budds

How to Design with Red


Did you know that red was the first color after black and white to be named? It has been found in cave paintings dating from 15,000 B.C., is the most frequently found color on national flags, and is rife with symbolism (the Red Scare anyone?). Here, we offer a look at residences that make the most of the bold hue.

Playing off the work of artist James Turrell, as well as the front porch scheme prevalent in the South, an outside...
A curtain slides across for privacy.
Daughter Oona stands near the candy-striped wardrobe in the entryway.
The walls are covered in Graniplast, a tinted acrylic finish.
The kitchen features many built-in and hidden features.
For the seating area, the couple selected a Charles sofa by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia in addition to CH07 Shell...
The interiors are clad in white-glazed pine, a contrast to the black-stained facade. The brick fireplace is original.
When residents want privacy (from the outside world or from other family members), sliding curtains, like this one...
The reused doors serve as more than floor, walls, and ceiling; several are still functional.
Adrian Jones and Allison Silverman sit at their reclaimed wood dining table.
Lewis descends a metal-tube set of stairs fabricated by a maker of ship’s ladders.
The Trzebiatowskis’ bathroom retains the spirit of Arizona heat with its shocking magenta ceilings, floors, and walls.
Though Cooper kept the fixtures rather humble, she did run a splashy red motif throughout.
The rear facade.
A dim Toronto Tudor gets an airy new look.
The sauna door handle is a simple piece of driftwood.