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How to Design a Memorable Pop-Up


Designed to look spontaneous, pop-up shops often obscure the enormous amount of planning that goes into creating them. For more than five years, Jaspar Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen of Amsterdam-based firm i29 Interior Architects have been designing modern yet ephemeral retail spaces. We spoke with Jansen and Dellensen about what goes into designing a great pop-up shopping experience.

i29’s principals try not to let the budgetary constraints and accelerated timelines associated with pop-up design...
Jansen and Dellensen extend the principles of pop-up design beyond retail.
As in traditional commercial design, a retailer's branding is often the basis for creative ideation.
i29 gave Frame design magazine’s pop-up shop in Amsterdam the feeling of an extensive floor plan with a series of...
Jansen implores designers to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials as much as possible during temporary retail projects.
Pleased with the pop-up they designed last summer, Frame approached i29 again this fall to construct a more long-term...
Jansen and Dellensen are currently in talks to open a series of pop-ups in London.
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